Account Summary

Begin by clicking the "My Account" link near the top-right of the page.
This will open a drop down menu with several shortcut links.

Please reference our Seller Policy Page to provide the best service to our customers. 

  • View Messages  - This option will only be visible when a new message is in your inbox. Otherwise, you can access your Inbox by clicking HERE.
  • Create Listing - Similar to the Sell button to the top left, this option will help you to create a new listing.
    • Our listing creation tutorial can be found HERE.
  • My Listings - This option will show you your current active/live listings.
  • My Account Home - Sends you to your account dashboard, with further links to manage your account.
    • The dashboard provides a quick overview of your account, including active listings, successful listings, and listings that are awaiting payment.
    • The left side menu contains numerous links to manage all aspects of your account.

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Site Fees

This section is included as part of the website software. No fees are being assessed at this time and this section can also be ignored.

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  • Details - This section allows for editing basic information, such as name and email. You will generally not need to access this.
  • Addresses - You can edit your store's address here, if necessary.
  • Password - If you need to change your password, you can do so here.

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System Messages

The system will notify you with any updates of the following, and should appear in your email linked to the account. 

Please make sure to check the junk/spam folder and change the sender information to "safe" contacts. You may received system messages from the following addresses: admin@tsastore.org, admin@shopthesalvationarmy.org, support@tsastore.org

  • When a customer asks: a Question on a listing, Public Question on a listing
  • When a Listing is: Created, receives a Bid, Ended, Sold.
  • When Offers are received, accepted, or rejected.

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  • How to Message Customers
  • Inbox - All messages you receive from ShopTheSalvationArmy.org customers can be viewed and responded to here.
  • Outbox - This keeps a record of all messages you've sent to customers through the site.

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Please remember to leave feedback for your customers whenever they complete a purchase. Providing feedback is just one aspect of growing our site.

  • If you go into your Successful Listings section, you'll see a list of orders that have ended successfully with a winning bidder.
  • To the right of each order is an option button (gear icon), which will bring down several options if clicked.
  • Submit Feedback - Please remember to leave feedback for your customers whenever they complete a purchase. Providing feedback is just one aspect of growing our site.
    • Summary - This is a summary of all feedback you've received through the site.
    • Seller - This page lists all feedback you've received as a seller in detail.

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To organize your sales activity, there are options to Archive the sales, or to "hide" them from view.

This will de-clutter your page so you only view items that needs attention. This can be applied to the following pages:

  • Successful Listings (see screenshot below)
    • Archiving is advised when successful listing have been paid, shipped, and customer feedback sent.
    • A reason not to archive would be to List a Similar listing with the same information that was used.
    • if you accidentally forget to do either and would like to retrieve the order, simply select the Archive section in the View drop down.
  • Invoices
    • Archiving is advised when the invoices have been marked paid and shipped.

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