How to Purchase from

There are 2 main methods to purchase from our site: Auction or Fixed Price.

Auction - These listings run for a specified time and accepts incremental bids. The bidder with the highest bid will win the auction.

  • Auctions are in real time according to Pacific Time.
  • Each auction displays a Remaining Time, which is the amount of time left until the auction closes. In order to be the winner of the auction, you must have the highest bid when the Remaining Time reaches 0.
    • You may place a bid at the Minimum accepted price or choose to place a Maximum Bid (the highest amount you’re willing to pay for the particular item). 
      • Maximum Bids work by automatically bidding the minimum amount required to win the auction, up to the amount of the Maximum Bid entered.
      • If another bidder places a bid higher than your minimum bid, the system will automatically increase your bid in increments until your Maximum Bid amount is reached.
    • Increments will be placed in the following amounts and you may choose to increase your Maximum Bid at anytime during the auction:

Price Level

Increment Amount

$0 - $99.99


$100 - $299.99


$300 - $499.99


$500 - $999.99


$1,000 - $4,999.99


$5,000 and up



  • A seller may include a Buy Now price on an auction, which would allow you to buy out and win the auction immediately.
    • The Buy Now option, if enabled, is only available on an auction if there are no bids. Once a bid has been placed, the Buy Now option will no longer be available.
  • A seller may include a Reserve Price on an auction. This restrict the auction to be won unless the Reserve Price is met (set by the seller).
    • The Reserve price will not be visible, but the listing will indicate if the Reserve Price has been met or not.
    • If your Maximum Bid is lower than the Reserve Price, your Maximum Bid will be placed for you (instead of the starting auction price).
    • If your Maximum Bid happens to be higher than the Reserve Price, your bid will be accepted at the Reserve Price and the system will increase your bid in increments until your Maximum Bid is reached.  

Fixed Price  - In these listings, items are generally purchased for the advertised price. Fixed Price listings are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Make Offer - An Auction or a Fixed Price listing may have the option for you to place an offer either below or above the current listed price.

  • If accepted, the listing will end and be sold to you.
  • If declined, no charge will be made to the listing.

Cancelling a Bid or Order - Please contact the seller and request to cancel the bid or order.