Creating a Listing


What items are we prohibited from listing?



Section One

Section Two

How to edit a listing

Section One

Click the "Sell" link at the top-left of the page to start a new listing. (Alternatively, you may also click the "Create Listing" when access your My Account tab at the top right).

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Choose your top level category from the choices provided.

Choose your sub-category from the choices provided.

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Listing Type

Pick your listing type:

  • Auction :Listings go to the highest bidder.
  • Fixed Price: Listings are purchased at any time for the advertised price.
  • Classified listings: Listings are open until closed by the creator. They do not provide the option for customers to purchase.

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Select your country, state, and city.


Hit the "Next" button to begin describing your item.

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Section Two

Standard Listing Fields


  • 80 character limit (Including your store number in parenthesis).
  • Some title guidelines:
    • Titles should be informative and engaging, but also short and to the point.
    • Type in your store number at the end of the listing in parenthesis.
    • Item type, brand, model information, size, color, condition, and design are all great details for the title.
    • Capslock is considered yelling on the internet; use your inside voice.


  • Used as a brief description that will be displayed to customers without having to click into the listing.


Some description guidelines:

  • Product dimensions
  • Weight
  • A detailed description of any defects or imperfections on the item
  • An explicit statement of the total contents of the listing (ie: includes or doesn't include charger on devices, batteries etc.)
  • An overall summary of the benefits or positive attributes of the item
  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

The formatting toolbar can make your listings more visually pleasing, or accentuate certain details:

  • Formatting toolbar (from left to right)
    • Bolds (B), Italicizes (I), underlines (U), and/or strikes-through (S) text
    • Positions the description text left, center, right, or justified (words/letters are spaced to reach left and right margins) respectively
    • "Size" sets the font size.
    • The underlined A sets the font color.
    • The A with the backdrop sets the font background/highlights the text (color options can look really terrible, be careful with them)
    • Numbered or Bullet Points - you can select a block of text then activate the list and the text will be fully formated in that style
    • Left and Right arrows allows you to undo or redo your most recent change, you can undo/redo several changes by repeatedly selecting the respective button
    • "Source" displays the HTML source of your description, useful if you know HTML and want more control over your listing's formatting

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Additional Details

Item Weight/Dimensions - this information is your PACKED weight and dimensions for shipping calculation purposes.

  • The item weight should be in lbs only, using decimals for any fractional lb.
  • Example: if you have an item weighing 5 lbs 8 oz, please type in 5.5
    • 1 oz = .063
    • 2 oz = .125
    • 3 oz = .188
    • 4 oz = .25
    • 5 oz = .313
    • 6 oz = .375
    • 7 oz = .438
    • 8 oz = .5
    • 9 oz = .563
    • 10 oz = .625
    • 11 oz = .688
    • 12 oz = .75
    • 13 oz = .813
    • 14 oz = .875
    • 15 oz = .938
  • The dimensions will be in inches only, using decimals for any fractional inch.
    • 1/16 = .0625
    • 1/8 = .125
    • 3/16 = .1875
    • 1/4 =  .25
    • 5/16 = .3125
    • 3/8 = .375
    • 7/16 = .4375
    • 1/2 = .5
    • 9/16 = .5625
    • 5/8 = .625
    • 11/16 = .6875
    • 3/4 = .75
    • 13/16 = .8125
    • 7/8 = .875
    • 15/16 = .9375

New or Used

This will be required on every listing.

  • New - Anything that is unopened, unused, and does not show any signs of wear and tear.
  • Used - Applies to all items not new.


This is optional and can be included if known.

Power Function

This will be required on every listing.

  • Does NOT power on - Use this selection if your item DOES require a power source (internal or external), but Does Not power on, or you do not have the necessary power supply.
  • Powers on - Use this selection if your item does require a power source (internal or external), and powers on successfully.
  • Power function does not apply to this product - Use this selection if your item does not require any source of electrical power (internal or external).

Additional Features

This will be required on every listing.

  • All Inputs/Outputs Work Without Issues - Use this selection if all of your item inputs and outputs have been thoroughly tested without issues.
  • Issues With Inputs/Outputs OR not tested - Use this selection if all of your item inputs and outputs have been tested and issues were found, or you do not have the proper components/peripherals to fully operate and test the product. (Please detail the information in your main description)
  • Inputs/Outputs - Do Not Apply To This Product - Use this selection if your item doesn't require any additional (external) peripherals to operate.

Item Condition

This will be required on every listing.

  • No Visible wear or defects, New or Like New - This will most likely be used only for NEW items.
  • Normal wear and tear with visible signs of use - Even the smallest of scratches should use this selection, but nothing major.
  • Major wear and tear affecting overall condition - Use this definition if your item is clearly damaged and no longer looks like its original state.

Internal Notes

  • Anything you type in this field will not be visible to customers, but can be used for internal purposes. 
  • This field will be displayed in the Sales Report.


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Listing Fields

Auctions (No $ sign needed)

  • Starting Bid Price
    • When a customer places a bid, bids are automatically entered on behalf of the bidder for the lowest amount required to win the item.
    • If their maximum bid amount is greater than the current auction price, our system will only increase the bid if another bidder places a higher bid.
    • Increments are below:

Price Level

Increment Amount

$0 - $99.99


$100 - $299.99


$300 - $499.99


$500 - $999.99


$1,000 - $4,999.99


$5,000 and up


  • Reserve Price 
    • The minimum price that bidding must reach before the auction can successfully end with a sale.
      • When a customer places a bid that does not reach the Reserve Price, the listing will indicate that the Reserve Price has not been met.
      • The Reserve Price will NEVER be visible to the customer.
      • The listing will indicate the Reserve Price has been met once a customer places a bid high enough to reach the minimum.
  • Buy Now Price
    • The price available to buyers to immediately win the item, thereby skipping the auction process.
      • The Buy Now option will disappear as soon as the first bid is placed
      • BUT the Buy Now option will remain available if the Reserve Price is not met.
  • Offers
    • Can be enabled to let buyers submit offers with alternate price, quantity and terms to the seller.
      • Offers will require a response within 48 hours, otherwise they will be declined automatically.

Fixed Price (No $ sign needed)

  • The price you provide will be available for all customers.
  • Indicate the number of quantity available.
    • Multiple quantity of used items are not recommended because of the different flaws each item may have (e.g. scratches, dents, etc.).
      • Issues may arise if the used item photographed is in better shape than the one delivered, therefore it would be best to list separate listings for each of the similar used items.
    • If you do have multiple quantities of similar used items, you can save time by creating "Similar" listings, which will copy all of the information from the original listing.
    • Once you finish creating a listing, you can create a similar listing by accessing your Active Tab, and clicking the options button to access the "List Similar" option.

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Upload Images of Your Item

Uploading photos in .JPEG or .PNG will provide the best image quality, but the site does support other formats such as: .BMP, .TIF and .GIF (although it will NOT animate).

The site does not offer built-in photo editing tools, but you can use the Windows Photo editing tool to do many basic photo edits before uploading onto the site. If you have permission, there are other more robust, free tools you can use to edit photos, such Gimp, PhotoScape, etc.

  • Rotate images, by clicking the "Rotate" button below the desired image.
  • Remove images by clicking the red "Remove" button below the desired image.
  • Change the position of the photos by left clicking and dragging the image to the desired position.
    • The left most photo will be the main picture (and should be an "overall" shot, showcasing the main product and all included accessories).

Some guidelines for images:

  • Currently we allow a maximum of 20 images to be uploaded.
  • Evaluate all pictures for clarity - if a picture is blurry, retake it or don't use it
  • Include brand names, brand logos, model numbers and/or serial numbers, when available
  • Use at least 2 images, but preferably more.
  • Include pictures of all damage or imperfections on the item
  • Your main image (the first image) should be an "overall" shot, showcasing the main product and all included accessories


  • You have the option of including a YouTube video with your listing. While optional, this can be a great addition to higher value items, which customers may be more reluctant to bid on. Only use videos you yourself have made.
  • You may either link a YouTube video link you've uploaded yourself, or ask the administrator to upload a video for you.


  • Option to add any necessary copy of manual(s) or other documents relating to the product.

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Listing Options

Feature Your Listing

  • This is entirely optional, but why not? Your listing will randomly appear on the front page, increasing overall exposure.

"SALE" Banner

  • This adds a "SALE" banner to your listing.

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  • To add a shipping option on your listing, please select from the drop-down choices available and click the "Add" button.
  • Once successfully added, the shipping option should appear surrounded by a BLUE box.









  • You may add multiple shipping options, but please be mindful of the selections.
  • e.g. Media Mail, First Class, Flat Rate boxes, which have specific requirements.
  • Always select Local Pickup (with the amount of $0) as an option with an alternative shipping option you'd like to offer.
  • 2 types of available shipping options include:
    • Calculated Shipping - All selections beginning with *ShipStation will calculate the customer's shipping cost based on the listing weight & dimensions you provide and the customer's zip code, PLUS an additional handling fee of $1.95.
      • If you choose to offer any of these selections, customers can view the shipping cost on the listing by typing in a zip code, or it will automatically calculate based on their address in their account settings.














NOTE: A field to include an amount should not be present. If you do see a field, please select another choice to reset the selection.










  • USPS rates are based on USPS business rates in addition to the discount provided by Shipstation
    • USPS Selections:
      • *ShipStation USPS: Includes both, USPS Parcel Select and USPS Priority rates 
      • *ShipStation USPS First Class: USPS First Class only
      • *ShipStation USPS Media: USPS Media Class only
    • UPS and FedEx are based on business rates (no additional discounts are provided by Shipstation).
      • *ShipStation UPS: Includes UPS Ground Rates
      • *ShipStation Fedex: Includes FedEx Ground rates (please note this is different from FedEx Home Delivery Rates)
    • Fixed Price Shipping - All other selections that DO NOT begin with *ShipStation, are fixed cost and you will decide how much to charge to ALL customers.
      • This is ideal for USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

  • Also can be used for USPS Media Mail, because service only vary by weight (with max combined length and width of 108 inches).
  • You may choose to add a separate "Additional Cost" (e.g. handling fee) if you'd like, and it will appear as a separate charge on the customer's invoice.
    • The Shipping cost to the customer can be any price you choose, but please do not charge no more than $1.95 over our actual price ($1.95 is our handling fee amount).
    • You may charge lower than your actual price to attract more customers/ or to be competitive with other marketplaces. (see photo proceeding)

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Payment Details

  • This section should not need any modification, but contact the eCommerce Administrator if changes are needed.
  • Default settings include:
    • Allow Instant Checkout? YES
    • Accept PayPal? YES
    • Payment Instructions:
      • PayPal or Credit Cards processed by PayPal
    • Default Invoices Comment:
      • All purchases must be made online with a credit card or a PayPal account via PayPal within 5 days of auctions end. If additional time is needed please let us know prior.  FAQ:

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Start and Duration

  • Start Date/Time allows you to set a specific period where your auction will start.
    • If left blank, the listing will start immediately after you select "Create Listing".
    • Auctions
      • Duration: Select from the various lengths of auction days for the listing.
      • Auto Relist: If the auction is unsuccessful, this will automatically relist the auction the number of times indicated in this field
    • Fixed Price
      • End Date/Time allows you to set a specific period where your auction will end.
      • Good 'Til Cancelled will automatically relist the auction indefinitely until you cancel the listing or is sold to a customer.

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Saving as Draft or Publishing

Select Save Draft to save the current listing without publishing live. 

  • You may also access all of your draft listings by clicking the Draft link in your account page.

Select Create Listing to publish the listing live.

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